Step 1: There is a big split between who I want to be, and what I do. I am stuck in what I do.

Step 2: To restore balance, I need to focus on what gives my life meaning and purpose.

Step 3: Pausing is how I do this, moment by moment.

Step 4: I look at my life systematically, to see patterns in how I have been relating to people and situations.

Step 5: I dig deeper into these patterns. I seek to understand the emotional logic that is behind them.

Step 6: I see how these patterns have been ways of coping with what feels overwhelming.

Step 7: I learn to accept the sense of vulnerability that comes from facing what feels overwhelming.

Step 8: I explore alternative behaviors, and rehearse them in safe settings.

Step 9: I practice these new mindful behaviors in real life.

Step 10: I live mindfully, paying attention to the causes and effects of my actions.

Step 11: I stay in touch with a broader sense of who I really am, and a deeper sense of what I really want.

Step 12: A growing sense of wholeness and contentment motivates me to keep at it
and to share this process with others who need it.